Record Breaking Show Rumored In The Palm Beaches

The fashion show and art exhibit combo known as Fusion Fashion & Art Week is rumored to be well on it’s way to becoming a record breaking show. Still 5 months to go before show time and over 100 fashion designers have registers but they are not alone. The media has sniffed this one out too. Over 200 applications for press passes have been requested from media sources ranging to local publications to CBS affiliates. Rumor has it there is a lot being kept under the fashionable fusion hat including a new spin on fine art involving technology. Another notable tidbit is the dates seem to have expanded from 3 dates to a span of 9 days from November 22nd to the 30th. No official schedule has been released and they usually are not released for shows like these until 1 or 2 months before they begin. However, the producers of this show have been known to break a record or two in the name of fun. In December of 2010 they set the record for the most open live studio sets on location. Just 2 months later in February they broke that record again by doubling it.  With a industry network exceeding 8000 members (most of which are in Florida) there isn’t much this group can’t pull off. Earlier this year, with just 1 week of notice, they were able to produce a full scale fashion show for Supercar Week called The Fast & The Fashionable. The show included limousine service, 25 top models, 2 fashion designers with 3 lines; 2 of which were couture and another that was a custom racing line made specifically for the show. The show included couture miami designers Rosetta Marett and RSP. The custom line by Rosaura Sias-Pipenburg  has been featured from New York to Latin America. So hang on! Three times the growth with 5 months to go before show time can only mean one thing. There is a whole lot we don’t know but are going to want to know all about. They have a news blast that they send their announcements through to their insiders on the Fusion Fashion & Art website. Here is the link. Or go to and click the link in their discription in the 1st paragraph. They probably put it there just to see who is paying attention. ### 360 Words

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