Amoura Featured Designer at 3rd Annual FFAW – Fashion Week Palm Beach


AMOURA to Show Egyptian Handcrafted Accessories at the 3rd Annual Fusion Fashion and Art Week 2014

Featuring the New Collection, Crystals in the Air, a Synchronization of Spirituality fused with Fashion and Artistry

Saturday, November 29, 2014

On the Waterfront, Lake Front Pavilion, West Palm Beach, FL


AMOURA is a mission-driven, fashion brand of beautiful, high-quality Accessories founded by Cuban-born, Miami Native, Julie Acosta.  A life-changing trip to Egypt inspired the line’s creation and catapulted her into entrepreneurship.  A business was born empowering young women in impoverished areas of this country rich in culture who now receive an income source as well as the opportunity of ownership themselves.  Her line has been featured at the 2014 Miami Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim week and she was a featured Designer at RAW Artists Miami 2014, produced by the well-known National organization, where she showcased the collection and her accessories were featured in the finale’s Runway Show.  Her current collection, Crystals in the Air, is a synchronization of Spirituality fused with Fashion and Artistry all in one ~ a perfect complement to the Fusion Fashion and Art Week 2014 (FFAW), part of Palm Beach Fashion Week. Amoura7

The line of Hand-crafted Accessories also includes luxurious Scarves made of 100% Natural Egyptian Cotton, incorporating Cultural Relevance and Authenticity along with Green Living through Local Sourcing that is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable ~ all part of AMOURA’s Principals and Mission and perfectly aligned with FFAW’s theme this year of “Rethinking Green Business”.  Additional elements included are Locally-Sourced Crystals, Silver and Gold-toned Jewelry, Feather Charms and Pendants as well as Lotus Flowers and symbols representing tranquility and peacefulness such as Buddhas, OMs, Ankhs and other Flora that are all Hand-crafted by local Egyptian Artisans.  There is an incredible variety of crystals available in the Land of the Pyramids that have deep meaning ascribed to them, and feathers in the ancient Kingdom were perceived as gifts from the sky with their weight thought to represent the worthiness of our souls.  Hence, the vision for this collection is all about lightness, purity, femininity and calmness when wearing a piece designed by AMOURA.

Crystals in the Air, the third for AMOURA, is “On Trend” with this Fall’s focus on the opalescent and crystals in jewelry, which are the basis for all pieces.  The line includes Bold Cuff Bracelets in silver and gold with a strong Egyptian Style that reflect the “Big and Bold Look” rampant on the runways.  Color shows to be equally prominent in her statement pieces as this year’s highlighted hue of orchid is featured. From lavenders that soothe to purples that pop, they are sure to compliment and complete any outfit from the super stylish Fashionistas always En Vogue to the Woman on the Go transitioning from Daytime to Evening Wear, Professional to Casual to Elegant.  The collection will also feature the versatility of AMOURA Scarves with unique techniques for wear being exhibited on the Runway.  Three highly unique Statement Pieces will be highlighted with one closing out the show. Without divulging the ultimate “pièce de résistance”, suffice it to say they are sure to “WOW” the audience in attendance!!AMOURA2 edited by JA

With the FFAW taking place during the Season’s Thanksgiving Weekend, there is so much to be grateful for.  The ability to enrich the lives of the women wearing as well as creating the pieces, both Globally and Locally, by enhancing their Fashion Wardrobes and adding to their confidence while assisting in claiming their independence and own sense of self-worth is more than Julie Acosta could have ever imagined.  But, in following her destiny and vision along with her business experience and human compassion – it has become her reality.   In the spirit of Giving Thanks to someone you hold dear, a gift of an AMOURA piece is the perfect way to show your gratitude.  Visit our website for the full set of offerings at, Like us on Facebook at /AmouraFashion, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @AmoraDesigns and view our newest collection at the Fusion Fashion and Art Week 2014, part of Palm Beach Fashion Week, as we turn your post-Black Friday into an even better, brighter Saturday.  An AMOURA representative will be available to meet with Buyers and assist with orders while the Founder/Designer, Julie Acosta, will be present and looks forward to meeting you.

————————————————-Crystal Pearls


Julie Acosta :: The Nile Queen, as the Founder/Designer,  is now referred to in the Accessory Industry, left her life in the fast lane of stiff suits to become a bohemian, globetrotting accessories designer and life has been the richer for it mind, body and spirit.  Ms. Acosta is a professional career woman with over 25 years in the Corporate World as an Executive in the Learning and Employee Development (L&D) field.  She has worked at several Fortune 500 companies such as Black ‘n Decker, Kodak, Kelly Services & Boston Scientific managing various L&D international locations. With this experience she brings a wealth of business and leadership skills that she nurtures and imparts to the women she partners with locally in Egypt.  A portion of the profits are also donated to local South Florida Non-Profit Organizations focused on supporting women and children.  Julie has been interviewed by South Florida and National Media Outlets such as Lucky Magazine and and she has just recorded a Podcast titled “How to Become an Entrepreneurial Woman” for, a new business geared towards Latin American and Hispanic entrepreneurs which launches on November 25th..


For Media Inquiries, Contact :: JacQueline Mestre | TOMA Image Media | 646 418 6699 | JMestre@TOMAImage.com1186126_501314529951203_275906692_n%5B2%5D

For Business and Line Information, Contact :: AMOURA | 305 206 1854 |


The Cast, Crew and Characters of Fashion Week

Thank you!Vert-Photos

Every year we produce a fashion week and next year we will be adding a swim week to our annual shows as well. Although most people associate these shows with what they see on the runway, the models and designers, there are many more people involved. Similar to the famous scene from The Wizard of Oz. There is a multitude behind the curtain that separates the showroom and the back of the house at the show and throughout the year.

There are unsung heroes and heroines on the risers, at the doors, ushering, extending hospitality and many more in the back who prepare the models and control every minute aspect. Together, this team of driven creatives work under tremendous pressure and time constraints to pull off the perfect show. Again and again the process repeats itself but never  the same and with tremendous attention to detail.

Sometimes things go smoothly and other times not so much. Sometimes it is a no-show, a torn seam, a last minute change, or any number of Murphy’s Law incidentals that pop up. Either way the producer must account for them all, regardless of fault, and work with the crew to bring it all together every time. This is the proving ground for our industry. All are judged and very few (if any) are forgiven for any mistake or imperfection. Hardest on most is themselves. Each designer, each piece and all those contributing to each show get just one shot to get it right.

A fashion show isn’t just a show. Although entertaining it is not simply for the purposes of entertainment. It is an essential function of our industry to bring the designers to market and keep the industry going. The cast, crew and characters of our shows are indeed the heroes but not unsung. Fusion Fashion & Art is extremely grateful and proud of those who pass our vetting process to participate in our shows from designers, to models, makeup, hair, DJ, photography and crew. They are the best!

We look forward to seeing the full expression of our designer’s talent on the runway in our 3rd year as well as working with all the amazing people who help make that happen. Not everyone can make the cut and for those who may not be ready yet please know your support is greatly appreciated by all. So this year we would like to start by expressing our gratitude early. First we are thankful to God for making it all possible and once again we thank those from our past shows for being a part of what made them so great. Also, we extend our thanks in advance to the developing crew of 2014 for making our 3rd year the best ever.

For consideration please apply at

High Art Sewing – 3 Shows in Palm Beach County in January

Supporting local businesses, artists, galleries, and couture fashion designers Fusion Fashion & Art, Inc. is producing three fashion art shows at the satellite exhibitions for ArtPalmBeach Art Synergy. From the Continuum black tie art sneaker charity event to ARTal’FRESCO and finally “The Art of Shopping” Northwood fashion show, high art sewing is on the move across Palm Beach County.



Saturday Jan 25th @ Northwood Village in West Palm Beach

The Art of Shopping

Art Adventure Palm Beach: A New Dimension in Art

A new and lively way to take in the arts in Palm Beach County. Fusion Fashion & Art announces its latest production “Art Adventure Palm Beach”. 
Art Adventure Palm Beach Photo w partners sm

Fusion Fashion & Art, Inc. will be releasing its newest production “Art Adventure Palm Beach” in a series of 3 exhibits and shows spanning Palm Beach County January 22nd, 24th and 25th. The ArtPalmBeach satellite exhibits are in conjunction with Art Synergy, the Palm Beach Arts districts collaborative.

Get The Scoop Here

Free Show Tickets to Fusion Fashion & Art

In the holiday spirit Fusion Fashion & Art, Inc. is releasing a 100% free admission offer through their website. The free tickets are good for 1 year of general admission to all Fusion Fashion & Art shows in Florida. So whats the catch? FFAA Stockinng Stuffer Ticket

There is no catch! Nothing to buy, no discounts, no required social share – although I doubt if they would mind the sharing and time is limited. Fusion Fashion & Art is in its 3rd year of production with a growing list of events and shows in 2014. From Palm Beach to Miami Beach, Fusion Fashion & Art is bringing together exhibit, performing, and fashion artists.

2014 will kick off with 3 shows with exhibits involving scores of Palm Beach art galleries and hundreds of local, national, and international artists. Starting Thursday January 23rd in conjunction with Art Palm Beach week, Palm Beach’s most illustrious art fair, Fusion Fashion & Art is producing a fashion art show at the charity black tie and sneaker fundraiser in the Continuum Arts District of West Palm Beach. Friday the 24th an open model casting call for the the grand finale fashion event will will be held at the Boynton Beach Arts Districts, currently the title holder of Palm Beach Best Artwalk. Also, BBAD will also be the home for Fusion Fashion & Art’s most extreme fashion exhibits.

Coco Chanel said, “A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion” and for the grand finale fashion and art show that is exactly what Fusion Fashion & Art is doing. Saturday the 25th at the Historic Northwood Art District in West Palm Beach the street will be closed and a 100 foot runway will light up the night as models strut Palm Beach’s most exclusive fashions and art down the catwalk.



3 Days of Live Fashion Art to Span Palm Beach

Fusion Fashion & Art Week, September 2013

Today, in an exclusive press conference at The Society of The 4 Arts in Palm Beach it was revealed that Fusion Fashion & Art will be producing 3 days of fashion art events and shows in partnership with Arts Synergy during Art Palm Beach Week in January. Starting at the Millennium Arts District in the historic “Anthony Building” at 312 Clematis St. on the evening of Wednesday the 22nd where Fusion Fashion & Art will be producing a fashion art exhibit in conjunction with nonprofit Faiths Palace Center for Arts Education featuring painted art sneakers. Purchasers of the one-of-a-kind art sneakers will help raise awareness and support of the charity partner company Divinity Dance director/founder Sonja Kelly and Trina Slade-Burks from the Continuum Arts District. Show time is 11 pm. Fusion Fashion & Art will also be presenting a sneak peek of select designers to be featured in the 2014 Fashion Week – Palm Beach.

Friday the 24th Fusion Fashion & Art will be featuring 3 live fashion art exhibits at Boynton Beach Arts District with extreme fashion artists in conjunction with Rolando Chang Barrero and conducting its final open model casting call at the Boynton Beach Arts District. Previously, over 100 models have competed at Fusion Fashion & Art open castings for a chance to strut down the catwalk. The casting will be for men 5 10’ or taller and woman 5’8 and up ages 13 and older. Applications to for extreme fashion artists to be featured in these shows are still being accepted through the Fusion Fashion & Art website through the “Registration” tab.

The Northwood Arts District will host the grand finale Fusion Fashion & Art show for the Art Palm Beach week on Saturday the 25th. Festivities will begin at 6pm. The show location is Table 427 who will also be providing Food and wine tastings. General admission is free with paid Art Palm Beach ticket. Tickets are also available online for $10 or $15 at the door with proceeds going to local charity to be announced soon. For more information go to or click “Register” and choose “Media” Registration to received updates as they are released. Models and fashion artists can also register through the respective options “Models” and “Designer” registrations.

Art Synergy Palm Beach Art Districts & Supporters

Art Synergy Palm Beach
Art Districts & Supporters

Media Contact:

Lilyana Eisele



Press Conference: Art Synergy Featuring 5 days of Exhibits & Shows During Art Palm Beach Week

A press conference on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 10 am will reveal details and the agenda for 5 days of events, exhibits, and shows during Art Palm Beach Week by the collaborative organization of the Palm Beach arts districts known as Art Synergy. Included with the numerous galleries and artists of Art Synergy are 3 days of fashion art shows, casting calls, and exhibits by Fusion Fashion & Art.

Location: The Society of the Four Arts, 2 Four Arts Plaza, Palm Beach, Florida.

Press Conference will be given by the following:
Moderator: Rolando Chang Barrero
Introduction to Art Palm Beach: Lee Ann Lester, organizer of Art Palm Beach 2014 Exposition at Palm Beach County Convention Center
Introduction to Art Synergy: Craig McInnis, Co-Founder of Art Synergy Palm Beach County
Cultural Council of Palm Beach County: Rena Blades, President “Commitment to the Advance of the Arts, Art Synergy” 
City of Boynton Beach Art In Public Places: Debby Coles-Dobay Special Presenter at ArtPalmBeach 2014, ARTal’FRESCO, and Intl’ Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium, 2015
Lake Worth CRA: LULA
West Palm Beach: DDA
Purpose: To learn about the following ArtPalmBeach satellite exhibitions, events and shows.
ARTalFRESCO – Rolando Chang Barrero
Continuum – Trina Slade-Burks
ARTX – Freddy Hennevvelt
DIXIE ART and Antique Row Art Walk – Jamnea Finlayson
Worth Avenue Art Galleries – David Ginn
Art POP – Emily Teodossakos
Media Please RSVP: 
Or through this form

For more information contact:
Rolando Chang Barrero, Director of ActivistArtistA Gallery, BBAD, Boynton Beach Art District (786)521-1199
Announcing Art Synergy Art Synergy


Satellite events, exhibits and shows during Art Palm Beach Week Art Palm Beach Week

In conjunction with Fusion Fashion & Art Fusion Fashion and Art