The first Fusion Fashion & Art show was produced 2012 in the art district of Fort Lauderdale. In one short year the 1 day show quickly expanded into a full scale Fashion Week. In 2013, seeking a distinguished international audience with an appreciation for fashion, refined culture, and the fine arts Fusion Fashion & Art has made it’s home in the Palm Beach’s. The very first FFAW featured 13 countries and over 5 days of shows and events.

Since it’s inception FF&A has produced and donated several shows to local community development and promotion of Palm Beach County including “The Art of Shopping” fashion show for the Historic Northwood District and “The Fast and The Fashionable” fashion show in support of Supercar Week in West Palm Beach.

FFAW is dedicated to expanding the cultural richness of the Palm Beach area through the production of fashion and fine art exhibits and shows of local and international artists and designers.

Those wishing to take part in or partner with FFAW in their local and international campaign should contact us at Contact@FusionFashionAndArt.com

Mission Statement: The top three goals of Fusion Fashion and Art is to successfully unify diverse high fashion and art forms; facilitate and support the kindness of humanity and foster business integrity dedicated to excellence.


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