KRELwear Featured at 3rd Annual FFAW – Fashion Week Palm Beach

PR-KRELwear 2014

KRELwear embodies a unique twist on body con fashion for colorful living. Made by designer and artist Karelle Levy, she knits blends of cotton, metallic, and rayon yarns creating clothes that are sexy, chic, authentic, and made for the Miami’s heat. Each piece is individually made, bringing the artisanal craft back to the forefront. Inspired by her environment, “KREL” uses eye-catching colors and form fitting shapes.

The product range includes dresses, skirts, tanks, sweaters, shorts and accessories such as hats, scarves, leg warmers and cuffs. She produces capsule collections, couture pieces, and custom ordered pieces. Her tubular techniques enable her clients, no matter what shape or size, the ability to fit into each garment. The fabric wraps around the body’s shape, and most pieces will fit size 0 – 12.

In addition to the collection, Karelle has a project called KREL2go, “Quickie Couture” where factory made, KREL designed fabrics are draped, pinned, and sewn to the costumer’s desires. Anyone who wishes to own his or her own KRELwear pieces can do so with no size or shape requirement. With this project, she has created clothes for men, women, children, pets and home goods.

For more information or set up an appointment contact Karelle Levy at (305) 528-2755,

Karelle Levy’s artist studio is located at ArtCenter/South Florida, 810 Lincoln Rd. #202, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Prices range from $20 – $500 

1-Week-TM-High-Res-3rd-Annual Trans sm



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